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[Reminder] New Book Series - Improve Your Products with UX Design

bởi "Team SitePoint" <> - 13/01/2019 14:00:14

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UX Mini Books

Did you know that 88% of consumers are unlikely to return to a website after one bad experience? 

– That's right, 88%! 😱

It's no wonder why user experience has become a dedicated space over the past couple of decades. But the truth is: a lot of companies don't have a dedicated UX person.

That means UX often resides with the designer or developer at hand, and that can lead to frustration, delays and poor product outcomes.

In our brand new approach to creating books, our 4-part 'Mini Book' series will give you a guided learning experience through various topics that sit underneath the “UX” umbrella. You'll discover how everything fits together, and crucially, how you can use these skills to improve the outcomes of your websites and apps.

Included in this series:


How to Speed Up Your UX with Skeleton Screens

Practical examples of how skeleton screens can help to improve your UX during loading times.


5 Simple UX Principles to Guide Your Product Design

Learn five simple principles to build what a user wants, keep steadfast in your design and produce great products. 


A Roundup of the Best Design Handoff Tools

Remove frustration and save time by improving your design workflow, collaboration and approvals with design handoff tools such as Zeplin, Avocode, Sympli, Marvel and more.


A Roundup of the Best Mind Mapping Tools

Get a greater understanding of the values, roles and relationships of ideas by creating mindmaps.


Join SitePoint Premium Now and you'll get access to these books, PLUS 290+ other Books and Courses for Just $9/month.

Happy learning!
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