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[Real Estate Community] Pass the Real Estate Exam the 1st time. ...

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Charlotte Saulter:
Pass the Real Estate Exam the 1st time. Attend our intensive 2 Day Live Cram Course and learn everything you to know on how to successfully pass the CA Real Estate Exam on the first time. Classes held every Saturday/Sunday from 9-12 and Tuesday/Wednesday from 6-9

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Hello Stephen,

I have successfully passed the exam on my first try! I took it today in San Diego and finished in 1-1/2 hrs. I knew I wasn’t prepared to take it on the 27th, especially right after the holidays. So I rescheduled for today. I was so nervous I didn’t even write any of my memory aids down on the white board and was literally sweating thru my sweater lol. I am so excited and thankful for your course! Rock on!!

-Lesley S.

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