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[Real Estate Community] I'm noticing a thing when I look at my morning...

bởi "Google+ (Michelle Flood)" <> - 10/01/2019 21:41:58
Michelle Flood đã chia sẻ bài đăng với Real Estate Community
Michelle Flood:
I'm noticing a thing when I look at my morning reports. Sellers are making access to their properties hard to attain. For instance, they're requirements for access include, appointment only, list agent must accompany, contact seller for access, 48 hours notice. Um, do you want to sell your home?

I understand in some price ranges wanting your list agent to accompany the buyers agent. But there are ways to make sure your only giving access to bonafide buyers, and to making sure your property is secure. Especially when we're talking homes in excess of $500K.

Electric lock boxes on the front door, are the first defense. An electric lock box can be coded so that the buyers agent has to make verbal contact with me, the list agent, before access is granted. It keeps a record of entry to the property, including the date and time and the agent who showed the property. Require proof of funds, and/or a approval letter from the buyers lender shows that the buyer is ready and willing to buy. The seller should, in my opinion, never have contact with the other agent, or a buyer without the list agents presence. There are too many variables, plus actual legal ramifications that the seller could subject himself/herself to, if they say the wrong thing to a buyer or their agent. It's just not worth it.

When you hire a Realtor, we're trained, and retrained to negotiate and on what things open us and our clients to possible problems, even legal issues, when you say or do certain things. Plus lot's of agents just pass those listings that contain 700 hoops that you must pass through before you gain access to a property.

Treat your property like the commodity it is, and not the entrance to Mordor where you need to speak the right words to gain entry.

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